Child-Sized Chef Tea Party Games!

- Chef Party Game Ideas -

Chocolate Dress Up:

  • The game begins when everyone sits in a circle.

  • In the center of the circle, place an old hat, and a pair of super thick winter gloves.

  • Also, in the center of the circle place several large candy bars wrapped in gift wrap (party favors!) - one for each guest present. You can also wrap small toys, and other desirable trinkets.

  • Each player in the circle will take a turn rolling a single die.

  • If a player rolls any number but a one on the die, then they get their party favor as is.

  • If a player rolls a one on the die, then they must put on the silly hat and gloves before they can unwrap their favor.

  • This is a really neat and fun way of handing out favors at the beginning, middle or end of a tea party.

  • You can also play a variation of the game, where the child who rolls the unlucky one, has to do a silly task before they get to open their chocolate.

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Fake Food Words:

  • This game is for several players.

  • Each player takes a turn choosing difficult 'food' words from a cookbook, or food dictionary.

  • The first player makes up two 'fake' definitions for the word - try funny ones, and serious sounding definitions. Your goal is to try and stump the other players.

  • Read your three definitions to the other players - remember one of them is the correct definition.

  • The remaining players have to guess which is the real definition for the word.

  • The player to guess correctly or who knows the answer, then becomes the one to administer the next word!

  • This game is great when you are waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven...

  • You don't want to keep score.... just keep them occupied until the goodies are done!

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Wanna Come To The Picnic?:

  • The ultimate object of this game is to try to guess the leader's rule.

  • One child is the leader and thinks of a rule for what items can be brought to the picnic.

  • The rule might be something like only items starting with 'b' are acceptable: banana, burritos, bread, etc.

  • The leader then goes around the group asking each player individually "Do you wanna come to the picnic?"

  • The child answers, "Yes."

  • The leader then says, "What will you bring?"

  • The child then has to come up with an item. If the item does not follow the rule, then the leader says, "I'm afraid that you cannot come to the picnic, this time."

  • If the child picks an item that follows the leader's rule, then the leader says emphatically, "Yes, you can come to the picnic!"

  • Once a child has been invited to the picnic (selected an item that follows the leader's rule), then they will have the opportunity to guess the leader's rule.

  • The leader might say something like, "Mary, now that you are going to the picnic, can you guess my rule?"

  • The game continues until someone thinks that they can guess the leader's rule. They wait until it's their turn and then try to guess the rule.

  • If correct, then they become the new leader and the guessing starts again!

  • If incorrect, then the game continues until someone does guess the leader's rule.

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Blindfolded Food Doodle:

  • This game requires two big pads of paper, two pencils, and two blindfolds - inexpensive scarfs will do for the blindfolds.

  • First divide the party guests into two teams.

  • Then each team picks a player who will draw first.

  • The two children chosen to be 'artists' will be blindfolded and set at the table each with her own pad and pencil.

  • Whisper the same food word into each child's ear.

  • When you say, "GO!", both artist try and draw the food object as fast as they can, blindfolded.

  • Each team can watch both artists' drawings, but the team who guesses the answer first gets one point.

  • If no team can guess the answer, then the word becomes a "Pass" and another food word is drawn by the same two artists.

  • If the word is guessed, another two artists take the place of the first two artists. A new round is then played.

  • Rounds are played, switching artists in between rounds.

  • The first team to earn 10 Points wins!

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How Do You Use Me?:

  • Divide into 2 teams.

  • Think of a list of cooking utensils - add some uncommon, but fairly well known items to your list as well.

  • Write your list on individual index cards, or on separate sheets of paper.

  • Choose a player from Team 1 who will sit in front of the group, facing the group.

  • A cardholder will be chosen to stand behind the player and hold up the food words so that the chosen player does not see the word, but the group (both teams) does.

  • The chosen player should then ask, "How do you use me?" - In fact, that is the only question that can be asked about the food utensil.

  • The player will choose 3 people from either team who will each answer the question, "How do you use me?".

  • The player has the 3 chances to answer the question with the correct food utensil.

  • If the child answers in 3, then her team gets a point.

  • The second round is played with a child from the Team 2.

  • Points are totaled after all the children have taken turns - alternating teams each turn.

  • The team with the most points wins!

  • A tie breaker is played with a 'Sudden Death' round, where two players are choosen and given a food utensil to guess in a single question (instead of the normal 3 questions). The first team to guess her word in this round wins.

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