Mexican Tea Party Games

- Mexican Party Game Ideas -

Steal The Sombrero:

  • Create small laminated construction paper sombreros - one for each party guest. Use velcro on the backs of each sombrero and each guest for adhesion.

  • Velcro a sombrero to each guests back.

  • The game begins when the children attempt to take the sombrero off of each others backs without losing her own sombrero.

  • This game is played to music. While the music is playing the children try to take and protect sombreros.

  • When the music stops, any child without a sombrero is out.

  • The rounds continue and the last two children with sombreros win!

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Jumping Bean:

  • Jumping Bean start when you begin playing really lively mariachi music.

  • The children start jumping around like little jumping beans.

  • When the music stops, the children must be perfectly still.

  • Any child caught moving, flinching, twitching or otherwise, is out.

  • The rounds continue until there is only one successful jumping bean remaining.

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Ya Me Voy!:

  • "Ya me voy!" is translated, "Here I come!". This is the Spanish equivalent of Hide and Go seek.

  • To begin select a child to be, "It".

  • The other children will attempt to hide in the room or backyard, while the "It" is counting in Spanish from 1 to 10.

  • When the counting is done, the "It" yells, "Ya me voy!" and then tries to find all of the children and tag them before they run safely to base.

  • The first child tagged is the new "It" and hiding and the counting in Spanish begins again.

  • This game is great for releasing massive amounts of energy and working up good appetites for all of your wonderful food later.

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  • Divide into two teams.

  • Place 20 Spanish words on index cards into a hat. Examples are: burrito, poncho, fiesta, etc.

  • One team will start off by drawing an index card out of the hat.

  • This team will begin to describe their word with a series of clues. Each team member has to give a clue until the word is guessed.

  • The team will get a point for each clue that they give for which the opposing team does not answer correctly. For example, if the opposing team is given 5 clues to guess a word correctly, the team giving the clues gets 5 points.

  • Keep track of the points as clues are given.

  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Mexican Hat Dance:

  • Have the children form a large circle holding hands.

  • Turn on your very fun mariachi music.

  • The children begin shuffling and hopping while moving clockwise around the circle... shuffle-hop hop-shuffle-hop hop. Have them keep pace with the music.

  • You will call childrens' names one by one.

  • When a child's name is called she will come to the center of the circle and do a dance.

  • You will call each child's name in turn.

  • This activity gives your party goers a fabulous opportunity to enjoy Spanish music!

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