Russian Tea Party Theme For Kids

- Russian Party Game Ideas -

Russian Bear:

  • Make paper bear claws with colored construction paper. You should have a different color of bear claw for each player.

  • Each player receives a single bear paw. Hand the bear claws out so that the players don't know who has what color.

  • The players all sit in a circle.

  • Each player takes turns guessing who has what color.

  • The player with the least number of correct guesses is eliminated and the colors are redistributed so that everyone now has a new color.

  • These round keep going until there are only two players remaining.

  • The player who is the first to guess the color of the bear claw behind her opponent wins!

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St. Petersburg Pastimes:

  • Each player receives a heart shaped piece of construction paper.

  • On the paper hearts, each player should list the 'pastimes' that she really loves - or rather her favorite activities and items (i.e. favorite color, animal, clothing, subject in school, etc.)

  • When each player is done listing her preferred activities, then she places her heart into a hat.

  • The fun begins when all players are seated around a circle and each heart is removed from the hat and read.

  • The players then try to guess which heart matches what guest. Have the guests quietly write down their answers, while you keep track of the correct responses.

  • The player with the most correct guesses wins!

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Our Frisky Franchesca:

  • All guests sit in a circle.

  • The game begins when the first player describes 'Frisky Franchesca' with an adjective beginning with the letter A. This player might say something like, "Our Frisky Franchesca is an Awkward cat." - by the way, Franchesca is a cat.

  • The next person uses a descriptive word for Franchesca that begins with the letter B, and she repeats the above sentence with her B-word in place of 'Awkward'.

  • Go around the circle, making your way through the entire alphabet.

  • Seems simple enough... The only trick is that you have to keep a constant rhythm going as you are saying these sentences. Create the rhythm by slapping your knees twice and clapping your hands twice repeatedly.

  • If a player has difficulty coming up with a word for her letter, or if she breaks the rhythm in any way, then she is 'out' and play resumes with the remaining players.

  • Play continues until there is a single player left who is declared the winner!

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Tchaikovsky Twinkle:

  • This word game is so simple to play... First divide into two teams.

  • Each team is given pen and paper.

  • Each team is to compose as many words as possible using the name 'Tchaikovsky'.

  • The game is played in 5 minutes. And the conferences should be a quiet as possible so that you don't give away your answers to the other team.

  • The rule is that a each letter can only be used as many times as it appears in the word 'Tchaikovsky'. If a letter isn't present in the word, then it cannot be used in the words that you form.

  • For instance, if we were playing this game with the word, 'splatter', you could form the words: treat, rap, raps, pat, pats, at, late, pale, and so forth... But you could not form the word 'matter', as there is no 'm' in the initial word splatter.

  • Second, third and fourth rounds are played using other famous Russian composers' names: Shostakovich, Tishchenko, Tomoljonova, Vasilenko, or Prokofiev.

  • The team to complete all the rounds with the most legitimate words wins!

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Russian Dolls:

    Now I know what you will say when you continue reading this one...

    "Way too hard for children!"...

    And I will agree before you even read it.

    However, the reason that I wanted to include this one, is that when I ran across it, I was really impressed by how inventive it was.

    I thought to myself, "Surely this can be adapted to a really wonderful and appropriate children's game..."

    It can!

    I will show you how at the end.

  • First divide into two teams.

  • Next each team will get the same 18 questions to answer.

  • The questions are word puzzles that involve putting one word inside another word to form a third word. Sort of like the Russian dolls where one doll is found inside another.

  • An example is: Put a the woman inside a young fox or lion to make an angel. The answer is: Put the word her inside the word cub and you get c-her-ub or "cherub".

  • The questions and their answers are as follows:

    1. Put the woman inside a young fox or lion to make an angel. her+cub=cherub

    2. Put a word for 'always' inside an animal to get an elevated temperature. ever+fish=feverish

    3. Put a word for 'representing' inside an insect to make a word meaning 'earlier'. for+bee=before

    4. Put a word for 'exists' into your artistic inspiration to make a word meaning 'ill-treat'. is+muse=misuse

    5. Put a word for sixteenth letter of the Greek alphabet inside the residue of burning to make a word meaning 'like a monkey'. pi+ash=apish

    6. Put a condiment inside a word for 'each' to make a collection of psalms. salt+per=psalter

    7. Put a heavenly being into a game to make a word for eternal. angel+chess=changeless

    8. Put a word meaning 'moved quickly' inside a French house to make a tough stone. ran+gite=granite

    9. Put a word for 'on' inside a dog to make a line on a map. onto+cur=contour

    10. Put human males into a doctrine to make a block of flats. men+tenet=tenement

    11. Put a silicate mineral inside a word for 'talented' to make a word meaning 'friendly'. mica+able=amicable

    12. Put 'to rise' into a peel to make gliding on a wide parachute. ascend+paring=parascending

    13. Put a large vase into a gratuity to make a vegetable. urn+tip=turnip

    14. Put a conjunction inside a male admirer to make a headband. and+beau=bandeau

    15. Put a word meaning 'insert' into access to make artistry. no+ten=tenon

    16. Put a word meaning 'insert' into access to make artistry. interline+pass=painterliness

    17. Put a word meaning 'perform' into miraculous food to get the Virgin Mary. do+manna=madonna

    18. Put a song inside a fishing man to make a ship conveying merchandise. chant+merchant=merchantman.


    Now to adapt this game is really easy.

    All you need is a dictionary!

    Look through the dictionary and find words that are composed of two different words - one hidden within the other, just like the 18 examples above.

    Next, think of simple definitions that describe those two words seperately and the new word that they form.

    Combine the definitions into a single statement like this - "Put a word meaning__________, inside a word meaning _________ and you get a word meaning__________."

    You want to remember to be age appropriate so as not to make your new sentences too hard for children.

    Come up with 18 sentences and set this really fun game in motion!

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