Slumber Tea Party Games

- Art Game Ideas -

Name That Tune:

  • To prepare for this game write portions of song lyrics on strips of paper.

  • Either read the lyric out loud, or hold the lyric up for all to see.

  • The player who first guesses the correct title gets a point.

  • The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

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Nighttime Scavenger Hunt:

  • This game is truly a blast and one that the children will absolutely flip for.

  • To prepare for this game hide items in the front or backyard for the guests to find.

  • List what you hid on two sheets of paper.

  • Divide the group into two teams. Each player is given a flashlight

  • The team that finds the most items on the list wins.

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Movie Charades:

  • You'll have to think a bit to prepare for this game.

  • Write out scenes from popular movies on index cards. An example of a scene might be, "When Trinity does the flying crane in the Matrix."

  • Divide into three or more small groups.

  • Each group will take turns drawing a scene out of a hat.

  • They'll have five minutes to deliberate and begin performing their scene.

  • The rest of the groups will try and guess the scene.

  • The group who obtains the most correct guesses wins!

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What's In The Bag:

  • This game is very easy to play and prepare for.

  • Gather several large items (small enough to fit in sleeping bags).

  • While the guests are out of the room, place one item in each sleeping bag.

  • Invite the guests back into the room. Each will go to her own sleeping bag.

  • Without removing the item, each girl must feel the itema and try and guess what it is.

  • Successful guesses win small prizes.

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Silly Fortunes:

  • Divide the party guests into two teams and place each team in a separate room.

  • Each team has to make up silly fortunes, put them on small slips of paper, roll the slips of paper and place them in uninflated baloons. Inflate the balloons and tie them off.

  • An example of a silly fortune might be, "You will win a pig farm in ten years!".

  • The two teams regroup and sit on opposite sides of the room with the silly fortune balloons that they made up.

  • Have members of each team take turns choosing a balloon from the other team's side, popping the balloon, and reading the fortune inside.

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