Teddy Bear Tea Party Games

- Teddy Bear Party Game Ideas -

Teddy Pass:

  • Divide the children into two equal teams.

  • The first person in each line must put a large teddy bear under her chin and pass it to the next person in their line.

  • The next child grabs the teddy with her chin, and on and on, until it gets to the end of the line.

  • If the teddy is dropped, the team must start over.

  • The team to pass the teddy from the front to the back of the line without dropping it wins!

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Teddy Too Hot:

    This teddy game is played just like hot potato, only a bear will be tossed instead.

  • Have the children sit in a circle.

  • Start the music (lively music works very well!).

  • The children begin passing the teddy until the music stops.

  • The child holding the 'hot' bear when the music stops is - out.

  • Start the music again to begin another round.

  • The rounds continue until two players remain.

  • Next, a final round is played with these two players. When the music stops, the child not holding the bear wins.

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Musical Teddy Chairs:

  • Place chairs in a circle (facing out).

  • Set up one fewer chair than the number of children present.

  • The game starts when the music is turned on and the children begin walking around the chairs.

  • When the music stops the children will place their teddy bears into an empty seat. The teddy bear who doesn't have a seat to sit on is - out.

  • Start the music again to begin another round.

  • The rounds continue until a single bear is place in the last remaining seat. This teddy wins!

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Where's The Teddy?:

Teddy Bear-M&M Relay:

  • Start the game by having the children form two separate lines (equal sized teams).

  • Place two bowls of M&Ms on the opposite end of the room.

  • The first two children in each line are given a teddy bear to hold in the left arm, and a large wooden spoon to hold in the right hand.

  • Call "GO!", and these first two children will start quickly walking toward the bowl of M&Ms opposite them (no running allowed).

  • They scoop out as many M&Ms as they can using only the hand with the spoon. They should be holding their teddies with the other arm.

  • The children walk carefully back to their respective teams with their spoons full of M&M's. They deposit the M&Ms into another set of bowls - one sitting beside each line.

  • The next round continues as the spoons and bears are quickly passed to the next children in each line, who then take-off to do the same.

  • The group to completely transfer all of their M&Ms wins the game!

    Note: M&Ms dropped along the way go back into the bowl from which they were removed.

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