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Wait By The Pyramids:

  • To prepare for this game everyone will need to write 5 occupations down on separate index cards. For example: bus driver, school teacher, even throw in an esoteric one like, "goat herder" (just for kicks).

  • Place the index cards in a bag and shake them up.

  • Choose a child to be the first guesser.

  • Send the child, "Out By the Pyramids" - or out of the room.

  • Now the other players pick an index card from the bag.

  • The group calls the 'guesser' back into room.

  • Without speaking words (animal or machine sounds are allowed) the group acts out the occupation.

  • It is the guessers job to figure out which occupation the group is acting out.

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Lion See, Lion Do:

  • This is a really funny game - one the kids will love!

  • This game requires more than 3 players.

  • Have the children stand around the room where ever they would like to (Just make sure that they can see each other).

  • A "guesser" is chosen and sent into another room.

  • When the guesser is gone, the remaining children choose a lead "Lion".

  • The lead "Lion" will perform an action and the other "Lions" have to mimic that action.

  • The guesser is called back into the room.

  • The lead "Lion" performs her action and the other will follow it. The lead "Lion" should try and avoid being observed by the "guesser".

  • The guesser walks around and around the room, watching the "Lions" carefully.

  • If the lead "Lion" gets caught changing action, then she becomes the new guesser.

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Fortune Teller:

  • This game is for 2 or more players.

  • You will need many index cards, several pens and six bags.

  • To prepare for this game, Write the word, "Name" on the first bag.

  • On the remaining bags write: "Country", "Car", "Pet", "Home" and "Job".

  • Then each player fills out the "Name" index card with her own name.

  • The other five index cards are filled out with the Country, Car, Pet, Home and Job that each would love to someday have.

  • Sort all the cards into the correct bags. All "Name" Cards into the "Name" bag, and so forth.

  • Shake up the bags to mix all the cards.

  • Next, someone picks a card from the "Name" bag.

  • The person whose name is picked, then gets to pick cards from the other five bags.

  • She will put her cards together to read her own fortune.

  • Keep reading fortunes until everyone has read her own!

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My Ship Sails To Zanzibar:

  • You need four or more players for this game.

  • You will need any 52-playing card deck.

  • The object of this game is to get any seven cards of the same suit (not necessarily in order).

  • Shuffle and deal seven cards to each player. Put the rest of the deck aside. You will not need it.

  • Hold your cards in a fan. Arrange them by suit. So, put all the Hearts together, all the Clubs together, and so on. Don't worry if you don't have all the suits.

  • Each player passes one card face down to the player on her left.

  • When all the cards have been passed, everyone picks her new card up at the same time. The players should put the new cards in their hand next to the proper suit.

  • Then everyone passes a card again.

  • The game goes on this way, until one player calls out, "My ship sails to Zanzibar!" - meaning that all the cards in her hand are of a single suit.

  • She is the winner!

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Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?:

  • This game requires 3 or more players.

  • The goal in this game is to figure out the mystery word.

  • Choose one player to be the leader.

  • The leader then picks a word in mind. The word can be the name of an object, or famous person.

  • The other players attempt to guess the leader's word.

  • To do this the players take turns asking questions about the mystery word or name.

  • The question is only legitimate if it can be answered either "yes" or "no".

  • The players have only 20 questions to guess the mystery word.

  • Good questions should build on the answers to previous questions. If the players find out that the word is a name, they might try to find out if the person is currently alive, a man or woman, and/or what the person is famous for.

  • This game usually begins with the question, "Is it animal, vegetable, or mineral?"

  • This first question is the only question allowed that cannot be answered "Yes" or "No". This allows the players to narrow it down a little and make the game easier to win.

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