Formal Tea Party Supplies

The Accessories & Tasty Teas You're Looking For...

If you want formal tea party supplies you have come to the right place.

A tea party is all about great friends, conversation, lovely aromatic teas, and delicious food served in bite sized pieces for comfort and convenience.

Below are great tea party supplies that can help you achieve all of those goals.

Here at Child Tea Party Game Ideas, we strive to make your tea party experiences truly memorable.

Formal Tea Party Supplies

Imagine the lace spread just right, tea cakes lined up with ever so much care and delicacy, smiling faces around a handsome table... a treasured memory created.

Below are formal tea party supplies, and accessories that we've hand-selected in order to help you put together a great party.

We love tea time...

And if you've made it to this page from the world wide web, we'll assume that you do too.

Tea Party Accessories


NOW the question is: "Can kids drink tea?"... The answer is an emphatic, "YES they can!"

The reason that some parents may have reservations about tea is undoubtedly the caffeine. Well, there is an solution for that too. Serve them a tasty decaf or fruited herbal tea!

In our Herbal Teas Section you will see links for sweet, delicious-tasting herbal teas that kids really love BUT that don't have the caffeine that parents worry about.

You can drink great tea any time...

Remember, when you serve a herbal tea you have the option to serve it either hot or cold. So, for your next gathering try brewing a batch of great tea punch - created from a blend of tea, fruit ingredients, and a sweetener of your choice... DEE-LI-CIOUS.


Herbal Teas


We've scoured the net for the best formal tea party supplies to put them into our Gourmet Tea Section. The links are arranged into a table for your convenience. We really strove to bring you high quality formal tea supplies at reasonable prices.

Now, gourmet teas tend to have caffeine which is fine for adults but not necessarily okay for children. So, I recommend that you prepare the decaffeinated version of your favorite gourmet tea for children.

The great thing about tea is the variety of tastes
that are available.

But for that very reason, you may have a tough time selling it to children. Don't despair. Just remember that there are sweet-tasting gourmet teas out there that just about anyone would love.

To help you out, we've provided links that offer various tastes for both adults, and the sensitive palates of children.... Take a look.


Gourmet Teas


This Traditional Teas Section is really about what comes to mind when you think of English tea taking.

Below are formal tea party supplies that really fit the occasion for a lace and silver-service tea party... BUT they are way too good to limit to those occasions only. Have these teas morning, noon and night if you choose. We love them and truly believe that you will too.


Traditional Teas