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Sculpture Races:

  • For this game you will need lots of clay!

  • Divide the guests into two teams. Give each team a large portion of clay.

  • One girl from each team will be the selected "sculptor".

  • Show each of the two sculptors a word.

  • At the count of three, the children will begin to sculpt the word for their respective team members.

  • Both teams can watch the two sculptors works of art.

  • The team that guesses the word first, gets a point.

  • The next round begins when two new 'sculptors' are chosen - one for each team.

  • Play 10 rounds. Give everyone a chance to be a sculptor.

  • The team with the most points at the end of all the rounds is the winner!

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'A' Was An Apple Pie:

  • This game requires three or more players.

  • The object of the game is to make up sentences for each letter of the alphabet.

  • The first player begins by saying, "A was an Apple Pie, and A ate it"

  • The second player then continues, using the letter B in the same way: "B was a Baked Banana, and B bit it" or "B baked it" - whatever works.

  • The next player might say, "C was a Cooked Carrot, and C cut it".

  • Proceed in this manner through the entire alphabet.

  • To make it a little tougher, the players should say their sentences to a steady rythym.

  • The rythym is created by alternately clapping hands and patting laps: CLAP-PAT-CLAP-PAT-CLAP-PAT...

  • The player who breaks the rythym without answering for any reason is out.

  • Continue playing. Speed up the rythym if a slower rythym is too easy. The players who are still standing through two cycles of the alphabet are the winners!

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Pretty Pictures:

  • This game is all about creating beautiful pictures... the only trick is that all players are blindfolded!

  • You will need 5 colored markers and lots of paper.

  • To prepare for this game, blindfold all the players.

  • Give the entire group an object to draw. For example: "House"

  • Give a single sheet of blank paper to one girl and she will begin to draw the 'house' with her markers for 5 seconds.

  • Once her time is up, the next person in line will continue drawing the house for 5 seconds.

  • Once her time is up, the picture will be passed on until all the players have had a chance to add to the 'house'.

  • You will then have the group draw several pictures in this fashion. For instance: car, ship, tree, apple and so forth.

  • When all the pictures are done, all players will remove their blindfolds. Don't allow the players to see any of the pictures just yet. Generally, these picutres will be a complete mess, but that is what makes the game fun!

  • Divide the group into two teams.

  • Then you will present the pictures to the entire group (both teams) one picture at a time.

  • The first group to correctly guess a picture gets a point.

  • The team that correctly identifies the most "pretty" pictures wins!

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Guess the Artist:

  • For this game you will need to go online.

  • Go online and print as many works of art as you can.. Note the artists as you go along. Try to get at least 30 works of art.

  • Make a master list of artists and show the list to all of the players.

  • Tape a paper with a large black circle in the center of the table.

  • Divide the players into two teams.

  • To begin a round, show a work of art to both groups.

  • The first group to slap the black circle in the center of the table gets to guess the artist first.

  • If they guess correctly, they get a point. If they guess incorrectly, the other teams gets an opportunity to guess correctly and earn 2 points.

  • If neither team slaps the circle, both teams loose a point.

  • Continue playing until all pictures have had correct guesses. The teams will have to remember which answers were incorrect on pictures that have been shown before.

  • Once a picture has had the artist correctly guessed remove it from the stack.

  • The team to earn the most points wins!

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Shape Races:

  • This is a really exciting game that will require a little preparation.

  • You will need to cut out shapes using colored cardboard. Cut out 10 red, blue and green squares (a total of 30 squares); 10 red, blue and green circles (a total of 30 circles); 10 red blue and green rectangles; and, finally, 10 red, blue and green parallelograms.

  • Now you need to invent some pictures using various combinations of these shapes. Try coming up with 10-20 different pictures. - You can only use a total of 5 equivalent shapes of any color in any one picture.

  • Draw a picture representation of each of your creations.

  • To begin the game, divide into two teams.

  • Give each team 5 of each cardboard color and shape.

  • Now on the count of three, show the teams one of your drawings.

  • Both teams will attempt to recreate it using the cardboard shapes that they have at their disposal.

  • The first team to recreate the drawing correctly, and call "Done!", gets a point.

  • At the end of all rounds (when there are no more pictures to recreate) the team with the most points wins!

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