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Chinese Whispers:

  • This game is played when all children sit in a circle.

  • The first child then whispers a long sentence to one person.

  • The, second child then whispers the same sentence to the third child. And so on and so on.

  • The last person to hear the sentence announces what they heard aloud.

    Note: The fun comes in when there have been some minor or major changes along the way!

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Chinese Checkers:

    This game does require a chinese checkers board with accompanying colored marbles!

  • Each player uses a different colored set of marbles and places them into a point of the star on the Chinese checkers board.

  • The idea of the game is to manipulate your marbles across the board to occupy the star point directly opposite.

  • All marbles stay on playing board.

  • The player getting all her marbles across the board first wins!

  • Partners may be chosen.

  • In the event of one partner finishing first, she is permitted to help the unfinished partner.

  • Remember it is against the rules for a player to stubbornly remain in his starting point to prevent another player from finishing.

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Beijing Baffles:

    Submitted by: Keenan Parker, 13yrs old, Charlottesville,VA

  • Form 2 teams consisting of two players each. You'll sit opposite your team member at the table.

  • You'll need a 52-deck of cards.

  • The overall point of the game is for a team to form a 4-of-a-kind - for which they will earn a draw from the point deck... Let me explain:

  • First, separate the face cards (ace, king, queen, and jack) from the number cards.

  • Set the number cards in a stack on the center of the table. - The number cards are the points that you will be earning to win the game!

  • Each team must come up with a private signal - one that your opponents won't easily guess or know it when they are looking at it --- a 'Beijing Baffle' signal!

  • One person deals the face cards. Four cards to each player.

  • The game starts when the dealer takes one of her 4 cards and passes it to the player on the left.

  • The person who received the card chooses one card in her hand, and passes it to the person on her left.. and so on and so on.

  • Play continues that way until someone forms a 4 of a kind.

  • Once a team member forms a four of a kind, they signal secretly to their team member - in a way that the other team cannot see what is happening.

  • Once signaled your team member must slap the deck of number cards in the center of the table, before you do (remember you are the one who has the four of a kind). Then you will slap your partner's hand that remains on the number deck. But you both have to slap the deck - one right after the other.

  • If your opponents guess your signal and one of them slaps the deck - either between you and your partner's slaps or before either of you slaps the deck - then the opponents earn a draw from the number card deck.

  • If your 'slap' is successful between your partner and yourself, then you earn a draw from the number deck in the center.

  • The team that has a four-of-a-kind reveals it to all the players to verify that it indeed was a four of a kind. If the team doesn't actually have the four-of-a-kind, or if a team member misread her partner's signal and slaps the deck, then the other team automatically earns two draws from the point deck in the center.

  • The next round is played when the face cards are gathered and re-shuffled and passed out again - 4 to each player. The point cards are kept by the team member who earns them. After 10 rounds these number cards will be totalled.

  • At the end of 10 rounds, the team which has the most points (as given by the value of the number cards) wins!

  • A really good strategy in this game is to try and bait your opponents into slapping the deck prematurely! ... You do this with a fake signal... If your opponents misguess the misleading signal and slap the deck prematurely then your teams get a free draw from the deck!

    Note: If you want to play the game with more than 4 players, you will need to combine a second deck of cards (you can add 4 players per pack of additional cards - these 4 more players will form 2 more teams).

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Chinese Chances

    This game is a really fun game of chance... And, the Chinese are famous for thier belief in 'luck' and good-fortune.

  • For this game you will need 2 confetti filled eggs for each child invited to the party.

  • One egg will be filled with one colored confetti - an unlucky color (any color of your choosing). The other egg will be filled with a different color of confetti - a lucky color (again any color of your choosing).

  • The person who gets the unlucky egg will get a task - make it a silly, or funny task... And the person who gets the lucky egg will get a small treat!

  • Each party guest sits in a chair and picks which of the two types of eggs that she wants. The host then takes the cofetti egg and smashes it over the child's head.

  • Based on the color of the confetti, the child either gets a treat or a silly task.

  • Now you don't have to smash to confetti egg over the child's head, you could have them crush it in their hands.

  • Also, you don't have to attach a silly task to the 'unlucky' color... They just don't get the treat...

  • If you are really concerned about hurt feelings... Then once everyone has played you can give all the 'unlucky' colors a treat as well!

  • This game is a really great way to hand out party favors.

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