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Follow The Dancer:

  • You will need to prep for this game.

  • Write down the steps to a dance ranging from one move to fifteen moves.

  • This game is played as a group.

  • The children stand in the room and begin following the lead dancer.

  • The lead dancer starts by doing a simple one step dance. For instance, the leader may simply touch her nose to begin.

  • The 'followers' must also touch their noses.

  • Then the leader will add on another movement to the first movement. So, the leader may touch her nose and then stomp her foot.

  • The play goes on and on like this. The leader will continue adding motions to the dance making it longer and more complicated.

  • A player is 'out' when she can no longer remember a step. This person will generally be staring around at everyone else confused.

  • The players that remain dancing after 10-15 new moves have been added all win.

  • For this game pick some really cool music that the kids will love to dance to!

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Limbo To The Music:

  • How can you have a dance party and not do the limbo?!... OUUTRAGEOUS.

  • So, we'll add it.

  • It is so easy to set up.

  • Find a sturdy rope - one that can be attached between two chairs.

  • Get some really rockin' music.

  • 1-2-3... Start that limbo line. The children 'limbo' under the rope face forward without touching the rope with any part of their body, and without touching the ground with their hands.

  • If they do any of the above touching they are out.

  • Each new round, of course, begins when you lower the rope.

  • The child who can make it safely under the lowest rope wins.

  • Be sure to take pictures of the kid's expressions as they are going under the rope.

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Soul Train:

  • Kids love this activity because it gives them a chance to get creative!

  • First form a 'Soul Train' line - two lines facing each other with a long space in between.

  • Then turn on some really awesome Motown music from the 70's - the kind of infectious disco that you can't help but move to.

  • The first two children in line begin to dance together down the center of the two lines. They should keep pace with the music.

  • There is no winner for this one.

  • However, pass out a variety of cool awards at the end of this activity. For instance, "The smoothest dancer award", "The bounciest dancer award", "The sweetest dancer award", "The bravest dancer award", etc.

  • Just make sure everyone gets an award.

  • It is also a very good idea to have a video recorder and/or camera at the ready!

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Musical Statues:

  • This game is an active and fun one to play.

  • Preparing for this game is simple. Pick out fun party music that all the children will love.

  • On the count of three the children begin dancing.

  • When the music stops the children must freeze in place like statues.

  • The child that quivers, quakes or otherwise moves, is out.

  • The winner is the last child dancing.

  • Note: To make this game absolute fair, the children must really dance. No minimal movement allowed!

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  • The object of this game is to count "buzz" in place of numbers.

  • Have the children sit in a circle.

  • The first player begins counting with "One".

  • The second player says, "Two", and so forth and so on.

  • But every time a player reaches a number that has a seven in it (seven, seventeen, twenty-seven) or is a multiple of seven (fourteen, twenty-one, twenty-eight, thirty-five, etc.) she must say "Buzz" instead of that number.

  • The game should move along quickly with a rhythm. The rhythm is maintained with alternate clapping and patting.

  • Any player who says a number when she should have said "Buzz" or says "Buzz" in the wrong place is out of the circle.

  • Counting begins again with the number that was last counted wrongly.

  • The last player left is the winner!

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Dance Class:

  • This game is just what it sounds like. You are going to bring the dance studio home!

  • The first thing that you must do is to discover what kind of dancing your guests like to do. Is it country line dancing?... Is it hip hop?... Is it Latin dancing?...

  • You can approach this activity one of two ways: a) Hire a local dance instructor to give the children a 30 minute lesson in their favorite dancing, or b) Rent or purchase a video that will demonstrate the dancing to the kids.

  • Get appropriate music to complement the instruction. And then let them practice and show off their new skills while dancing to the music.

  • Either way the children will love it. And it's a great way to fill 30 minutes of your party with a super fun activity!

  • Don't forget the video camera.

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