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Garden Tea Party Box

Daisy smiles and garden parties... Throw a tea party with this lovely party package that will thrill any little girl. Comes complete with matching plates, cups, napkins, balloons and more.

Butterfly Garden Party Supplies

What's a garden party without a few adorable bugs?...

Get this lovely butterflies and ladybugs set for your garden party. Bring out the teacups, iced tea with lemon and scrumptious pastries as well... Includes matching plates, napkins, coordinating balloons, and much more.

Tea Party Supplies

Find discount tea party supplies including: paper goods, piñatas, decorations, and party favors.. You'll discover what a pure delight it is to host a child tea party.

Butterflies & Flowers Party Supplies

Set your party table with these ultra-bright and lovely, garden-themed party supplies. Throw in reasonable prices and a great selection of coordinating party favors and you have the recipe for FUN...

Color Me Flowers Party Supplies

Want even more flowers?... Well, I think that these party supplies will fill the need quite nicely. Full of everything that a garden party should have - matching plates, cups, napkins and more.

I highly recommend these garden party supply items. Click through and see for yourself.

Pink Boa

Put these pink boas on each of your little tea party guests and watch their eyes light up.

This is one of the all-time favorite tea party accessories for little girls... Make sure to get them for your fun tea party as well.

Butterfly Rings

Fill their goody bags with all sorts of lovely pieces that girls enjoy. These butterfly rings are a favorite among girls. Send them all home with one or two of these precious little rings.

Ladybug Lip Gloss

These inexpensive ladybug necklaces are really two party favors in one. They are both a necklace and lip gloss...

Accentuate your garden party theme with these awesome favors. Girls love them and we do too because they are positively adorable...

Tea Party Favor Pack Tea Party Favor Pack

Get this complete garden tea party favor kit if you don't want to hunt for individual items. The "treat bag" in this great favor pack is a little cotton purse. Have them put everything on and take photos on the veranda.

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Pink Tea Pot Piñata

Buy this affordable pink piñata to accentuate your tea or garden party theme. This website has teapot piñatas in blue and purple as well.

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