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Girl Talk Party Box Girl Talk Party Box

Have a sleepover party that celebrates your girls and what they adore... Girls love to talk.

This stylish party box comes complete with matching plates, cups, napkins, balloons, and more...

Sleepover Party Box Sleepover Party Box

Get this sleepover party box for your little girl's next slumber party...

They'll see other little girls in their pajamas right on their dessert plates! Comes with matching cups, napkins, balloons and more...

Pizza Party Box Pizza Party Box

Eat the most popular slumber party food... PIZZA, on these charming pizza plates. The plates are even the shapes of pizza wedges!

You simply can't go wrong with this food-inspired party box! Set comes with matching napkins, cups, balloons and more...

Bratz Party Supplies Bratz™ Party Supplies

These discount party supplies are ONLY for those parties where they plan to dress up and look their most fashionable and stylish.

Why not have them put on a fashion show?... Just be sure to grab your digital camera of course.

Rhinestone Tattoos Rhinestone Tattoos

Decorate their faces, arms and legs with these cool tattoos. They are easily applied and removed.

My daughter asks for them specifically when we give parties in her honor.. We're betting that the little girl in your life will like them as well.

Satin Pageboy Hats Satin Pageboy Hats

Give all of the girls at your party one of these great satin hats. Be sure to have everyone strike a pose for the camera.

Neon Ponytails Neon Ponytails

Picture these adorable ponytails floating through your house on a dozen little heads... Well maybe not a dozen (smile).

These neon headbands are wildly popular. We think your sleepover guests will love them too.

Fashion Bead Bracelets Fashion Bead Bracelets

Get these charming bracelets for your party girls. They have a little "heft" to them that makes them feel expensive... EXCEPT they aren't. We love them and you will too!

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