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Fashion Heart Package Glamour Girl Party Supplies

Find all the party supplies you need to coordinate your all-about-girls birthday party.

Fashion Fun Party Box Fashion Fun Party Box

We love this fashion and shopping themed set. This all in one set will beautifully decorate your party.

Bratz Party Supplies Bratz™ Party Supplies

These discount party supplies are ONLY for those parties where they plan to dress up and look their most fashionable and stylish.

Why not have them put on a fashion show?... Just be sure to grab your digital camera of course.

Satin Pageboy Hats Satin Pageboy Hats

Give all of the girls at your party one of these great satin hats. Be sure to have everyone strike a pose for the camera.

Kissing Lips Pinata Kissing Lips Piñata

Piñatas are a party favorite. This fashion lips piñata will not only decorate the party room, but will provide a great activity for the girls.

Makes a kissing sound too... How cool is that!

Rhinestone Tattoos Rhinestone Tattoos

Girls simply love these cool rhinestone tattoos. They spell out cool words and are easily placed on the face, arms, or hands.

Fashion Bead Bracelets Fashion Bead Bracelets

These lovely bracelets have that little bit of "heft" to them that makes them feel expensive... ONLY they aren't!... Get these low-cost party bracelets for your favor bags today.

Child Star Sunglasses Child's Star Sunglasses

"Be cool" with these super-star fashionable sunglasses. They come in a variety of metallic colors. Our girls go positively wild for them. Your party girls will too...

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