Ham Sandwich Recipe plus Variations...

Very few kids object to a tasty Ham Sandwich. These ones have the added benefit of being perfect for a tea party... Try them at your next shindig!

Sandwich Variations:

Baked Ham Sandwich: Use country ham or regular cured ham if it has good flavor. Carve the ham thinly, but give the sandwiches ample fillings. Add hot English mustard, or French mustard to taste. A good rye bread or white bread, or even a French roll would all be good choices of bread for these sandwiches.

Fried Ham and Egg Sandwich:Serve ham cut thin and fried in butter, or use thicker slices of fried ham, on well-buttered and toasted English muffins, or corn bread. Top the fried ham with a well-done fried egg.

Prosciutto Ham Sandwich: Cut Prosciutto into shreds with a sharp knife or scissors. Arrange shredded meat on French or Italian bread with plenty of buter. For a more interesting sandwich, combine it with beaten scrambled eggs, and use as a filling for hot toasted buns.

Wesphalian Ham Sandwich: Treat as you would the Prosciutto sandwiches above. For sandwiches, it is best to cut ham into thin strips. Mix this cut ham with cream cheese, or shredded Cheddar cheese to taste.

Sandwich Tips:

  • Leave crusts on all but dainty tea sandwiches; they help keep sandwiches fresh.

  • Assemble components, then put sandwiches together just before serving, particularly important if ingredients are drippy.

  • Soften butter to room temperature so it spreads more easily.

  • If filling is creamy, butter 1 slice of bread only.

  • Be generous - but not lavish - with butter or mayonnaise; 1 teaspoon per slice is ample.

  • Spread butter or mayonnaise and sandwich fillings to the edge of the bread.

  • Use several thin slices of meat or cheese rather then a single thick one.

  • Make sure salad-type fillings are creamy, not soupy.

  • Make toasted sandwiches at the very last minute and do not stack toast - it will become soggy.