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Harry & Goblet of Fire Supplies Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Party Supplies

Find great Goblet of Fire theme party supplies here. Put together the package of supplies that are just right for your next Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter Party Supplies Harry Potter Party Supply

Click thru to wonderful Prisoner of Azkaban themed party supplies. You can have a Harry Potter inspired theme party before watching your favorite Harry DVD or perhaps before the movie opening of the next book!

Hogwart's Sorting Hat Hogwarts Sorting Hat

Give each guest her own Sorting Hat - a terrific party favor for your Harry Potter fans.

Spider Tattoo Bracelet Spider Tattoo Bracelet

This is a super cool bracelet idea. Instead of jewelry... a tattoo! These awesome spider tattoos will the envy of block.

Witches Medallion Witches Medallion

This witch medallion makes an excellent party favor for a Halloween or Harry Potter theme.

Sun Moon Star Necklace Sun Moon Star Necklace

This necklace party favors coordinate with so many party themes. Girls simply love them, and they are an inexpensive way to fill their goody bags.

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