Awesome Irish Tea Party Games

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Musical Clovers:

  • You will need large laminated clovers for this game. You can make the clovers with construction paper, then laminate them with Contact paper.

  • Tape the laminated clovers to the floor throughout the room - as many clovers as there are children at the party, minus one. So for six children you will need five clovers.

  • Every child begins by standing on or near a clover that has been taped to the floor.

  • Start your Irish folk music.

  • The children will then walk around the room.

  • When the music stops they must find a clover and stand on it.

  • The child not standing on a clover is out.

  • The second round continues when one clover is removed from the floor, and the music and walking begins again.

  • The last child standing on a clover is the winner.

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Leprechan, Who Has Your Gold?:

  • To play this game arrange all of the children in a line.

  • Select one of the children to be the "Leprechan". This child is stands in front of the line and watches closely.

  • A small "gold" coin (any bus token or toy gold coin will do) is handed to the player at the end of the line.

  • The player at the end of the line holds the coins in hands that are cupped and closed.

  • Then she holds her hands over the hands of the next player in line whose hands are cupped in a similar manner.

  • She may choose to drop the coin into the next player's hands or she may not.

  • Now, the next player will go through the same procedure all the way down to the beginning of the line - whether or not the coin is actually passed or not.

  • The trick is that the coin has stopped anywhere in the line.

  • When the procedure reaches the end of the line, the last player in line asks the "Leprechan" - "Leprechan, Who Has Your Gold Coin?".

  • The "Leprechan" then must guess where the button stopped. Because the hands are cupped and held together it will be difficult to discern where the button actually stopped.

  • If the "Leprechan" guesses correctly, she gets to keep the gold coin which will be traded for a party favor later.

  • If the "Leprechan" doesn't guess, then she will go to the end of the line.

  • The child at the beginning of the line becomes the new "Leprechan".

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Who's Gold Is It?:

  • A player is chosen to be blindfolded.

  • The remaining players form a circle around her.

  • The music starts and the children in the circle walk around the circle.

  • When the music stops the blindfolded player in the circle points in any direction and asks the player she is pointing to, "Who's gold is it?".

  • The player must answer the question any way she likes, but with her voice disguised in some way.

  • If the blindfolded player in the center can guess who the voice belongs to, then the selected child becomes the new blindfolded player.

  • If the blindfolded player in the center cannot guess who the voice belongs to, then she must try again.

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Irish Potato Race:

  • Divide into two teams.

  • Start the race at one end of the room.

  • The first two players in line are each given a big spoon.

  • Two large potatoes are placed on the spoons - one on each spoon.

  • At the count of three, the first two children walk quickly to the end of the room and back. If the potato falls, the child must pick it up and continue to walk quickly.

  • The next child in line takes the spoon and potato and walks quickly to the end of the room and back.

  • The first team to complete the task wins!

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Gold At The End Of The Rainbow:

  • This game is really a lot of fun.

  • Have the children leave the room and hide gold chocolate coins, small laminated rainbows, small laminated pots, and a single laminated leprechan.

  • The children come back into the room with their party bags and try to find all of the gold coins, the laminated rainbows, laminated pots, and the little laminated leprechan.

  • The children who find the rainbows and the pots will get a small party favor for each.

  • The child who finds the little leprechan will get a larger wrapped present (not too fancy or expensive).

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