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Jojo's Circus Party Box Jojo's Circus Party Box

Looking for Jojo's Circus party supplies?  This set complete with plates, cups, napkins, colorful balloons and more.

Jojo's Circus Party Kit Jojos Circus Party Supplies

This party kit is great for the child who loves Jojo's Circus. It comes with plates, cups, napkins and more.

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Clown Hand Clappers Clown Hand Clappers

These colorful hand clappers are great for a circus-styled party. Children love them.

Musical Drinking Straws Musical Drinking Straws

Pass out these musical drinking straws during your party... They make excellent party favors a Circus Party theme.

Take it from me, the kids will rush home to show Mom & Dad just how they work!

Mylar Wigs Mylar Wigs

Kids of all ages love these festive mylar wigs. Give one to each guest, and make sure to have a mirror handy so that they look at themselves.

Large Clown Pinata Large Clown Piñata

Hang this super adorable clown piñata in the party room. It really kills two birds with one stone - decoration and a fabulous party game...

Red Hair Clown Pinata Red Hair Clown Piñata

We love this red-hair clown piñata... Sort of looks like Ronald McDonald so young kids especially love it.

Play the game the traditional way with young kids - blindfolded and with a piñata-stick.

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