Marlee's ReWrite It

Submitted by: Marlee of Maryland, USA - November 9, 2005
"The crazy things that your friends can wind up saying make you laugh so hard... I really like it when someone creates a story with a lot of great expressions... the funnier the better."

Number of Players:

As many players as you want.

Materials Needed:

Teen magazines
Gossip Magazines
word processor

Object of Game:

Ultimately the object of the game is to create a hilarious story that keeps your friends laughing for minutes and hours to come.

Preparing For The Game:

First, pick several articles from your teen magazines. I try to pick the ones with famous couples, or my favorite teen stars in them. The articles should be relatively short in length.

Next, retype the articles using your favorite word processor set to triple-space. Remove several nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, quotations, names, places, and exclamations from each story.  In place of these deletions, type solid lines with an indication of which part of speech each is (noun, adjective, adverb, verb, etc.) written underneath the lines.

My tip for making the deletions would be to only remove enough of the story so that the main character (teen star) is still part of the story. When the story is finished only the circumstances surrounding the person will be different... In other words, don't take out the cute boy or girl!

Playing the Game:

Decide who will be the "story secretary". This person will fill in the words in the appropriate spaces as they are given. The story secretary is also responsible for reading the final story out loud when it is finished.

Everyone else at the party will take turns coming up with the different parts of speech in each story.

When a  story is filled out completely, it is then read out loud. That is when the fun begins.

Just remember that it is cool to be kooky, and weird as you come up with the replacement words!... The funnier the better!

Game Tips:

If the parts of speech are difficult for your guests, you can provide a list of a few kooky words in each category - a few nouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, etc.

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