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Little Mermaid Party Box Little Mermaid Party Box

This party box is great because you get everything you need to put together a fabulous Little Mermaid party for special little girls. You pay one low price and you're done!...

How cool is that?

Little Mermaid Party Supplies The Little Mermaid Party Supplies

Get your The Little Mermaid Party Supplies here. Includes matching plates, cups, napkins, and more...

Disney's Little Mermaid is a favorite among girls. So, do it right with these reasonably priced party supplies.

Coral Reef Party Supplies Coral Reef Party Supplies

Click here for inexpensive party supplies to enhance your Little Mermaid party. You will find it quite easy to create a beautiful and colorful ocean scene.

Tropical Fish Sun Catcher Craft Tropical Fish Sun Catcher Craft

Keep the party going with this great craft activity. Just spread out the newsprint and let them get creative till their hearts are content!...

Note: Be patient. This link is a little slow, but will take you directly to the product shown.

Heart and Ring Bracelet Heart & Ring Bracelet

Open up this lovely bracelet, and find a shiny heart-shaped ring as well... TWO party favors in one.

Spiral Bead Bracelet Spiral Bead Bracelet

Girls love these colorful beaded bracelets. They come in a variety of colors which are easily mixed and matched.

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