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Oink In The Hat:

  • This game is for three or more players.

  • This game is played similarly to charades, with the exception that you are using sounds instead.

  • To begin, players think up the names of objects that make really cool sounds. For instance: a creaky door, and leaky faucet, a howling wind, a squealing pig, etc.

  • Write the object onto small index cards and place them inside a stocking hat, or any large hat.

  • The first child will draw a card from the hat and attempt to make the sound that the object makes.

  • The players who guesses correctly goes next!

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Musical Hat Pass:

  • You will need a large hat for this game.. the kookier the better!

  • Have all of the children sit in a circle.

  • To start the game have the children begin passing the hat from one head to the next head.

  • Turn on very exciting party music.

  • When the music stops, the one who is wearing the hat is out.

  • The game then continues until there is a single player who has not gotten caught wearing the hat!

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Dress The Old Lady:

  • For this game you will need an two hats, two dresses, two stockings, to old large shoes, and two pairs of old glasses.

  • This is one very hilarious relay race!

  • First divide into two even teams.

  • Next, the girls line up behind thier pile of clothes.

  • To start this game call 1-2-3-Go!.

  • The first child in line will take the clothes, put them on, and run to the end of her line where she will then take off the old clothes, and hand them to the child at the end of the line.

  • The child at the end of the line will then put on the clothes, and run to the front of the line, where she will then take off the clothes and hand them to the next child in the front.

  • This will go on until each team member has dressed and undressed in the oversized clothes.

  • The first team to finish the relay wins!

  • A great idea is to be ready with a instant camera, to take pictures of the kids!

  • Then send each child home with her hilarious "old lady" pic!... They'll will remember what fun they had at your child's party for years to come.

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Super Zany Bean Race:

  • This game definitely qualifies as zany... And, it's loads of fun as well!

  • To play this game you will need a very big bowl for this.. A bowl large enough so that 2 pairs of hands can dig into the bowl at once.

  • First, assemble the bowl. Add oatmeal, rice, flour and 50 dried lima beans. The bowl should be a little less than half way full of ingredients.

  • Divide into 2 even teams.

  • This is a relay race, and the object of the game is to find as many of the lima beans, as a team of course, that you possibly can. The only trick is that you will be blindfolded to do it.

  • The children for each team line up around the bowl.

  • The first two children in line (one from each team) will be blindfold and set at the table with the big bowl full of goodies.

  • On the count of three, the children will begin looking for the lima beans. After 10 seconds, those children will get up quickly remove their blindfolds, and help the next child in line get blindfolded, and begin looking for lima beans.

  • Each round takes place in 10 second intervals... The intervals start whether or not the team is ready... So, the changing of players becomes part of the excitement!

  • When the teams are finished going through their members, or the final 10 second interval is up, then all of the lima beans will be totalled.

  • The team with the most lima beans wins!

    Note: You want to have the camera ready, the flour in the mixture gives everyone a very floury look!

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Cracker Whistler:

  • This game is really all about fun, funny, and funnier!... It is perfect for your Mad Hatter Theme.

  • You will need crackers - lots of them.

  • On the count of three, all the players stuff their mouths full of crackers - As many as their cheeks can hold.

  • When you say, "Go!", they will start trying to whistle.

  • Once the are able to whistle successfully, they get a prize.

  • This is a really great way to hand out party favors.

  • And again, be ready with the camera, for those precious party moments.

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