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My Little Pony Party Kit My Little Pony Party Kit

This pretty pony party box will positively delight the little horse lover in your life. Set comes with plates, cups, napkins, balloons and more.

Pretty Pony Party Box Pretty Pony Party Box

This My Little Pony party kit includes plates, cups, napkins, balloons and more. Designed with your little horse lover in mind.

My Little Pony Party Supplies My Little Pony Party Supply

Get all of your My Little Pony party supplies right here. Paper goods, balloons, decorations, party favors, and more... This link is your one-stop shopping solution.

Girl Party CD Girl Party CD

Play lively, upbeat party music that girls really love... This CD is really a perfect fit for your My Little Pony theme party.

Candy Lipstick Candy Lipstick

This party favor is for the girls who love lipstick and candy. Combine the two and... Vióla, the perfect party favor!

Crystal Glow Necklace Crystal Glow Necklace

Light up the party with these fabulous necklaces. They glow and flash - so children really love them. Batteries included.

Child Star Sunglasses Child's Star Sunglasses

These colorful sunglasses make great party favors. Give them out early and let the girls model them for the camera.

White Pony Pinata White Little Pony Piñata

This lovely piñata is definitely for your little pony lover. You should hang it in the party area. Towards the end of the party get out the piñata bats and blindfolds... It will be fiesta time!

Pink Pony Pinata Pink Little Pony Piñata

Okay, so you want a pink pony piñata?... Well you've got it. This terrific piñata will thrill your little pony lover.

Hang it in the fiesta area and play the piñata game at the end of the party.

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