Russian Tea Party Crafts


Coffee Can Nesting Dolls:

  • 1 large recycled coffee can - with lid
  • 1 medium recycled roasted peanut can - with lid
  • 1 small recycled vegetable can - no lid
  • Heavy white paper
  • Colorful markers
  • Fine-tipped black permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • Clear adhesive tape


  1. Make sure that each can is empty and clean. Carefully remove the original can wrapping, if possible.
  2. Cut a rectangular-strip of the heavy white paper to the height of each can.
  3. On each paper, draw a round girl face, with rosy cheeks. Draw a scarf around each face. Draw the scarf tie under the face's chin. Draw flowers and other bright designs for the dress.
  4. Carefully trace over your pencil drawings with a black permanent marker.
  5. Next, use the colored markers and brightly color in each of your drawings.
  6. Turn your empty cans upside down.
  7. Once the drawings are complete, wrap each drawing around its respective can. Be sure the can is upside down to the drawing.
  8. Secure the drawings with clear tape.
  9. Now you can stack the dolls from smallest to largest. Use the lids to keep the dolls in place when stacked.

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Royal Pasta Jewelry Box:

  • Different pasta shapes - bows, spirals, shells, wheels, etc.
  • Small, Plain-colored cardboard box - with lid
  • Gold poster paint
  • Clear varnish, or nail polish
  • Strong Glue
  • Newspaper


    Preparing The Pasta:

  1. Spread the newspaper to protect your work surface.
  2. Paint the tops of the pasta with the gold poster paint. Let the paint dry.
  3. Once the tops are dried, turn the pasta over and paint the backs with the gold poster paint. Let paint dry.
  4. When the paint is completely dry, apply a thick layer of clear nail polish on the tops of the pasta. Let the nail polish dry.
  5. Next, apply polish to the backsides of the pasta. Again, allow the polish to dry.
  6. Now the pasta is prepped and ready for your jewelry box.

    Assembling The Jewelry Box:

  7. If you don't have a plain-colored cardboard box and top, then paint over an appropriately sized box with a solid color. Allow the box to dry.
  8. Next, arrange the pasta on the box to get some idea of how you want them glued in place.
  9. Spread glue on the box a small area at a time. Apply the golden pasta.
  10. Be sure to arrange the different pasta shapes into elaborate and intricate designs!

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Fancy Cold-Weather Soup In a Jar:

  • Mixed dried soup beans
  • Colored posterboard
  • Adhesive-backed stencil paper
  • Recycled spaghetti jars
  • Masking tape
  • <1i>Glitter, fancy markers
  • Red or pink nail polish
  • Salt
  • White glue
  • Hole punch
  • Colored ribbon
  • Scissors


    Prepare The Jar:

  1. Make sure that the jar is completely clean and dry.
  2. Take your stencil paper and cut out a simple shape. A heart is a nice choice for this project.
  3. Apply the stencil design to the front face of the jar.
  4. Next, take the red nail polish and paint over the stencil to transfer the design onto the jar.
  5. While the nail polish is still wet, quickly sprinkle salt over the wet shape.
  6. Remove the adhesive backed stencil. Allow the nail polish to dry.
  7. Finishing the Jar:

  8. Fill the decorated jar with the mixed dried beans.
  9. Decorate the lid of the jar with glue and some of the dried beans. Cover the top of the lid with glue. Attach beans to the glue in a decorative pattern. Completely cover the lid with beans.
  10. To finish the lid edge, first cover the lid edge with glue. Cut a piece of ribbon to length, and press it all the around the edge, into the glue.
  11. The Cold Weather Soup Recipe:

  12. Cut out 16cm x 10cm (6in. x 4in.) rectangle of colored posterboard.
  13. Using colored markers, write out the "Cold Weather Soup" recipe below... Write the recipe in a decorative writing style.
  14. You can even draw and color shapes and pretty curly-cues along the edges of the posterboard card.
  15. Punch a hole in the corner of the posterboard cards. String a length of ribbon through the hole. Attach to the finished bean soup jar.
  16. Follow this cold weather soup recipe link.

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