Killer Tea Party Invitation Ideas -
5 Simple Steps

Invite them with a fantastic hand-made tea party invitation!...

If you are going to invite someone to a tea party, you might as well do it with a personal style and touch all your own.  I know no better way to do that than to create your own fantastic tea party invitation!

1. Decide on a party theme.

One of the first things you must determine is what theme your tea party encompasses.  There are many reasons to give a tea party and many more ways in which to give one. So decide on your theme and you are half way to creating a unique tea party invitation.

Let’s say, for instance, that your tea party is given in honor of your daughter’s high school graduation… Then you know that the theme will be about graduations, transitions, going away to college and the like… So, ideas will begin to present themselves for inclusion in a terrific tea party invitation for this occasion.  Themes like: mortar boards, diplomas, awards, keys, graduation pictures, etc.

2. Plan your tea party invitation.

Next, sketch your ideas onto a plain 8 x 11.5" piece of paper.  Since I am a visual person, one of the things that I like to do is draw the themed invitation elements onto another piece of paper and cut them out.  I then take my cut-outs and arrange them in a variety of different ways so that I can see how they might best come together.

3. Assemble the materials needed to create your masterpiece.

Now this is where the sky is truly the limit.

You may purchase new or recycle many household items to create a sophisticated and novel tea party card. A good friend of mine made her daughter’s junior high school graduation tea party invitations out of lace trim and handmade paper.  Another friend hosted a teddy bear tea party for her two girls, and the invitations had photos from a fashion-shoot the girls did of their teddy bears dressed up in a variety of doll clothes… They were simply adorable party cards!

Don’t be shy about it.  Raid the attic, pantry, cellar for the materials you need to make fantastic tea party invitations. Even more convenient is to go down to the local crafting store. You will find everything you need plus some things that you hadn’t thought about using.

4. Glue, cut, design, and decorate your way to a fantastic invitation!

This is time to put the petal to the metal. Roll out all of those great ideas and put together those tea party cards.

Let the kids help you, particularly if the tea party is for them.  Children really love being included in all of the planning stages for their parties.  It really makes the occasion more memorable and enjoyable.

So, hand over a pair of scissors. Let her cut and paste away (with a little supervision if it is needed).  Your tea party invitations will be something that won’t be complained about or rejected by the party girl, but will be loved and be an opportunity for pride and good feelings about herself.

5. Send out those invitations!

Be sure to design tea party invitations that fit into the mailing envelopes that you are going to use.  If your child is handing out these invitations in the neighborhood or at school, then envelopes are optional, and your card can take on more creative dimensions.

Creating gorgeous party invitations is a matter of a little planning, creativity, and a great sense of adventure!

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