Muffin Recipe Ideas

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"This muffin recipe is a snap!"... Here is the mantra that you should chant for muffin-making, because it is absolutely possible to achieve out-of-this-world muffins... easily.

Packaged muffin mixes are available and convenient, but perfect muffins aren't difficult to produce from scratch. Perfect muffins are tender and have slightly pebbled, rounded tops. Their crust is a shiny brown. If you break a perfect muffin open, you'll see no long holes, called 'tunnels', and you'll find that the interior is moist...

Sounds difficult to achieve?.... Well, it isn't!

The secret in making this kind of muffin is to mix the batter just enough to moisten the dry ingredients. The batter should not be smooth. That last sentence is absolutely key... With muffins you want a lumpy batter!

So, roll up those sleeves...

Give these lovely muffin recipes a try at your next tea party extravaganza, or for any other entertaining that you may be planning.